Chris Morris at CERN

Chris Morris visits CERN.


Chris Morris is considered to be one of Britain's greatest satirists and has been responsible for some of the most controversial, and let's face it funny, programmes on television. In the UK, comedy writers and performers ranked him number 11 out of the 50 greatest comedy acts ever, above people including Bill Hicks, Peter Sellars and Eddie Izzard.


Apart from being a comedy great, he's an incredibly interesting guy. He's performed with Peter Cook, Stereolab used his sketches as lyrics on one of their albums, he won a BAFTA for his first short film and, for 'Brass Eye', he tricked a British politician into asking questions in Parliament about a made-up drug called 'cake' (which still remains in the public record). He directed the highly acclaimed film Four Lions, a black comedy about suicide bombers and is currently (as of 2012) directing episodes of the HBO comedy Veep.


Oh, and he's also really into science (viewable from the UK only).


Brian and Chris have been friends for several years now. When they get together, conversation tends to start on politics (Brian's favoured topic of conversation) and move swiftly onto what's being done at CERN (Chris's favoured topic of conversation). In 2008, Brian decided to invite Chris to Geneva in order to see it all for himself.


Along with Brian, Chris also spoke to other CERN physicists Thorsten Wengler and Albert De Roeck. This podcast takes us to both ATLAS and CMS. We normally go to ATLAS, this is the first time CERN Podcast has recorded at CMS. If you've never seen CMS before, make sure you have a look.


Then listen:


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